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In this blog, you might find a meditation, a poem, an awareness exercise, or an inspiration resonating with your essential self.


January 2019

Sensing the Promise of a New Year

Dusk—a time of stress
I hear myself saying “You do not know what will happen.”

Birdsong floats through
my open window.

And with it floats
this new song through
my sad heart.

Sense the promise.”

Oh, how wonderful!

The start of the New Year is traditionally a time for reflection—a time of looking backward and forward. Where have I journeyed over the past year, and where am I going?

This past year, as I faced certain health issues, I found myself reflecting on my past and future. I found myself asking: What am I being called to let go of or to hold onto in the coming months?

It was during this time of reflection that I wrote the above poem. The thought that I did not know what the future would bring was leading me to a sense of dismay.

As I was “sitting with” my feelings, a bird began to sing outside my bedroom window. In that moment, something seemed to open up deep within me. It was as if the bird was singing directly to me, and filling my heart with a deep knowing that whatever happened all would be well.

And with a wisdom beyond the intellect, I knew that the future was filled with great promise. Furthermore, this insight assured me that “not knowing” is a vital part of life.

This  experience filled my heart with  joy, trust, and a sense of new possibilities.

James Finley, the noted Christian contemplative, writing about “accepting life’s messiness,”  says the following :

Recognizing and accepting that no matter how hard we work at removing the impairments and compromises in our daily life, they stubbornly refuse to go their way and leave us in peace. There seems to be woven into life itself a thread of unmanageability that makes the task of daily living at times messy, uncertain, and sometimes almost more than we can bear.”

As much as we want to, we cannot control life. When we end the struggle to control our existence and simply accepting life with all its “messiness”, we open the gateway to living a more balanced and peaceful life.

Put another way, I do not know what will unfold in my life, but I do know that the Divine Presence, thefield of Love and Possibility, is fulfilling my life— and all life— in each and every moment. Therefore, I can meet the moment whatever it brings with equanimity.

Listen, regardless of the current circumstances in your life, listen. Can you sense the gift in this very moment?

With love and blessings,



December Musings 2018

Silent Night

True silence really means going deep within yourself

to that place where nothing is happening,

where you transcend time and space.

You go into a brand new dimension of nothingness.

That’s where all the power is.

That’s your real home.

That’s where you really belong,

in deep silence where there is no good or bad,

no one trying to achieve anything. Just being, pure being. . . .

Silence is the ultimate reality.

— Robert Adams


Outer Darkness, Inner Nourishment

November 2011

Dear Friends,

In the old Celtic calendar, the first day of November was the beginning of the New Year.

The harvest was in; the ground was beginning to freeze, and the land was becoming still and quiet.   It was the ending of one season and the beginning of the next.

In this turning of the seasons, the Celts saw another example of the eternal cycle of death and rebirth, and they celebrated it in story, song, and ritual.



I Am Not My Fear-Based Self

October 2018

I want to write about joy.  I want to write about waking up in the morning, and feeling the joy of being alive.

I want to write about laughing at the moon on a clear autumn night when falling leaves are dancing in the dark.

But in a world filled with so much suffering and pain, how can one write about joy?

At this point, I am reminded of the words of Thomas Merton: “No despair of ours alters the reality of things, or stains the joy of the cosmic dance which is always there.”


Sunset Star