Stillness Within Retreats

Our Next Retreat

Watch this space for news of our spring 2019 retreat.

Going on Retreat

There are many techniques for quieting the mind. The following technique is one you might experience at one of our retreats. 

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes and the grass grows by itself.” —Zenrin, The Gospel According to Zen

Stillness Within Retreats

Our silent half-day retreats explore a variety of mindfulness techniques, and are suitable for those new to meditation as well as experienced practitioners.

They consist of silent and guided meditation, walking meditation, a guided visualization, and other awareness practices. We end with tea and fellowship.

Our retreats nurture wholeness, and the ability to live our lives with more peace, happiness, wisdom, and compassion.

Feel free to bring your own meditation bench, but we sit on comfortable chairs for meditating. Dress causally, and bring a water bottle if you like. Please arrive a little early so that we can begin on time.


On Retreat: Ahhh… I Needed That!

Sometimes if we fill our time with activity, we do not have to experience what is really going on in our lives.

I have always felt that the deepest form of therapy for me is to attend a meditation retreat.

During these retreats and after several days of silence, I would often discover things about myself that I never recognized before.

It is very common during long periods of silence to have people begin to cry and face issues from the past that have clouded their ability to be present.

Two major sources of stress are the mind and the way in which we interpret every situation in our lives.

Our bodies respond physiologically to the thoughts  that we hang on to (past or future thinking) or that result from distorted thinking….

These thoughts become the basis for stress and anxiety.

Learning to quiet the mind is the basis for becoming more mindful and open to the beauty surrounding us.


Moment by Moment: The Art and Practice of Mindfulness  by Jerry Braza