“Friends, so glad our paths have crossed!
Even if only for the few brief moments
when your eyes meet these words …

For even the tiniest of seeds can—
through the mysterious coincidence of causes and conditions—
manifest as something truly magnificent …”

~ Elizabeth Reninger

 the journey

Meditation: The Journey of a Lifetime

Discovering our true selves is of extreme importance.  Without this realization, we wrestle with deep doubts about our worthiness, and may find ourselves wallowing in confusion and despair.

But when we recognize who we are, we express our creative spirit and find ourselves becoming more centered, calm, and joyful.

The fear-based smaller self often forgets that we are divine immortal beings. Thus it offers false counsel based on insecurity and a sense of lack.

Through the practice of meditation, however, we come to realize our essential nature, which is boundless, loving and wise.

So, welcome, fellow traveler, to the journey of a lifetime. 



As You Move Through These Pages

Please take a few soft breaths
as we move
from one level to the next.

As in growth, or dying,
we need let go at the edge
to continue further.

Trust the process
let go lightly
pass on gently.

~ Stephen Levine