Hokusai Says

Hokusai says look carefully. He says pay attention, notice He says keep looking, stay curious. He says there is no end to seeing He says look forward to getting old. He says keep changing, you just get more who you really are. He says get stuck, accept it, repeat yourself as long as it is [...]


Mindfulness in Daily Life

The final step in integrating meditation into your awareness is to use the stuff of daily life as part of meditation. There are ways of perceiving the world and the way you live in it such that each experience brings you more deeply into the meditative space. —Ram Dass To increase your open and joyful [...]

Be Still

Be still, the dawn is breaking, listen as the blackbird sings Find a heart to share your journey together for all life brings The hunger and the longing, the wonder and the will Your world is enchanted, when your mind is still Be still, be still, be still ~ As sung by Celtic Woman


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched, but just felt in the heart.” —Helen Keller Each Illuminations podcast offers a selection of prose, poetry, and meditative practices chosen to stimulate your own deep knowing. An as you listen, when something touches you—a word, an image, a phrase—just pause the [...]

A Simple Breath Meditation

The Breath Is A Love Affair The breath is infinitely interesting because it can be taken for granted, it can be frenzied, it can be passionate, it can be sweet, it can be energizing, and it can be soothing. Breath can wake you up and put you to sleep. Breath can be dignified and it [...]

The Art of Stillness

Movement makes most sense when grounded in stillness. In an age of speed, I began to think, nothing could be more invigorating than going slow. In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention. And in an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still. You can go on [...]

To Be Free

The present moment, this one happening right now, is when your life is lived, when you can make choices, and when you can tune in to love.–Sarah McLean Being Here and Now Every moment of mindfulness, every moment of relaxed, alert presence ... every moment in which the mind is not grasping at something it [...]

A Meditator’s Guidebook

The Journey Home I will never forget that day; it was then that I found what I had been searching for in those far-off places, and I didn’t even have to leave the country. With my eyes closed in meditation, I felt the most profound peace and connection. I felt as if I had found [...]