Connecting to the Stillness Within

"The breath is infinitely interesting because it can be taken for granted, it can be frenzied, it can be passionate, it can be sweet, it can be energizing, and it can be soothing. Breath can wake you up and put you to sleep. Breath can be dignified and it can be wild. If you keep … Continue reading Connecting to the Stillness Within

Three Stillness Circles This Fall 2019

Here's your invitation to our next event, "The Stillness Within." This series of three stillness circles will replace our usual fall retreat at Maison Trestler. Attend as many or as few as you like. They are loosely connected with the common theme of "entering the stillness." See below for more details. The Stillness Within   Three Stillness Circles with Cedric Dates: Sept.16, Oct.21, … Continue reading Three Stillness Circles This Fall 2019


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched, but just felt in the heart.” —Helen Keller Each Illuminations podcast offers a selection of prose, poetry, and meditative practices chosen to stimulate your own deep knowing. An as you listen, when something touches you—a word, an image, a phrase—just pause the … Continue reading Illuminations