Mindfulness in Daily Life

The final step in integrating meditation into your awareness is to use the stuff of daily life as part of meditation. There are ways of perceiving the world and the way you live in it such that each experience brings you more deeply into the meditative space. —Ram Dass

To increase your open and joyful sense of life, see if you can use a part of your everyday routine as a meditative experience.

Choose a brief daily activity—something you may have done thousands of times but never been totally conscious of. This time bring your full awareness to it; pay attention on purpose.

You can do this by taking time to come into the moment, then paying attention to your actual experience. In the process, you might find that you learn more about yourself, and deepen your enjoyment of simple pleasures.

You might even find yourself developing a more skillful way to approach a task.

Right now,  before moving to the next thing, you can move into presence, into the here and now— simply take a few letting go breaths, and returning to this moment.

~ Sharon Salzberg, Real Happiness