Breathless Unity

As children, the play of the sun on rippling water brought us before God’s throne. Did you ever see an infant gaze at a lightbulb or the moon?

Spiritual techniques are discovered naturally by infants and little children: holding their breath, staring unblinking, standing on their heads, imitating animals, turning in circles, sitting unmoving, and repeating phrases over and over until all else ceases to exist.

Stop thinking that meditation is anything special. Stop thinking all together. Look at the world around you as if you had just arrived on Planet Earth.

Observe the rocks in their natural formations, the trees rooted in the ground, their branches reaching to the sky, the plants, animals and the interrelationships of each to the other.

See yourself through the eyes of a dog in a park. See a flower through its essence. See a mountain through its massiveness.

When the mind allows its objects to remain unmolested, there may be no mind and no object—just breathless unity.

—Surya Singer