Journey of Awakening

Perhaps at some time you have sat quietly by the side of an ocean or river.

At first there is one big rush of sound.

Listening quietly, you begin to hear a multitude of subtle sounds: the waves hitting the shore, the rushing current of the river.

In that peacefulness and silence of mind you experience precisely what is happening.

It is the same when you listen to yourself.

At first all you can hear is one “self” or “I,” but slowly this self is revealed as a mass of changing elements, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and images, all illuminated simply by listening, by paying attention.

The Practice of Mindfulness Meditation

In mindfulness you are aware of what happens in each moment.

You remain alert, not allowing yourself to become forgetful.

When you develop mindfulness and concentration together, you achieve a balance of mind.

As this penetrating awareness develops it reveals many aspects of the world and of who you are.

You see with a clear and direct vision that everything, including yourself, is flowing, in flux, in transformation.

There is not a single element of your mind or body that is stable.

This wisdom comes not from any particular state, but from close observation of your own mind.

—Ram Dass, Journey of Awakening