Just Resting

Word has it that one day some disciples found the elder Taoist philosopher Chuang Tzu in front of his house, sitting peacefully on the ground in the sun with his fresh-washed long hair cascading down around him.

The students gathered around him and waited patiently.

“What are you doing, Master?” they finally asked.

“Drying my hair in the sun,” the old sage replied.

“Can we help you?” they wanted to know.

“How can you help me; what is there that needs to be done? My hair is being dried by the sun, and I am resting at the origin of all things.”

The Inner Journey

This enigmatic story concerns the inner journey to the very center of things, beyond the dichotomy of doing and being and yet including both. The Taoist sages exemplify harmony and serenity, oneness, authenticity, and the spontaneous flow of naturalness.

~ Lama Surya Das, Forward to Tao Te Ching (translated by Derek Lin)